Art and heroes

October 16, 2023 3 min


Today I went to an impressionism exhibit here in my city. It featured an immersive experience with paintings from Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. It was amazing and made me reflect on how much art impacts us and our lives. Besides that, it also made me think about how these guys are like unanimous geniuses in the world’s history and I ended with the following question: where are the geniuses of our time?


This is a doubt I've had for a long time now and I may have mentioned it in some older post, but today I will try to explain the current answer I have to this question. I’ve always wondered where are these idols in today’s society. The ones that have no haters. The ones that every single individual admires. Where are the Michelangelos, and the Leonardo da Vincis of our time? These guys became heroes and reached the maximum level of status in our society.

Nowadays, we don't see the current heroes because this maximum level has become lower than before. This decrease in the maximum status someone can hold is due to how closely we can look into someone's life now. Because we have almost infinite access to information about public persons and it's almost impossible for someone to do significant work without leaving any information online, it became really easy to dig into our idols’ lives. Being so close to the ones you admire allows you to see all the flaws and imperfections they have and this makes these people look more real and less like heroes. That's what causes the maximum status to have a lower cap in today’s world. On the other hand, these old giants are remembered by their work’s highlights and not by personal life’s facts.

For example, Jobs died more than a decade ago. I'm pretty sure that if he was still alive, he'd probably not hold the tech God status that he has, and not because he didn't deserve it (he definitely does), but because people would have such a closer look at everything he did that, at some point, he would do something a little off. For example, at some point, he could’ve made a political statement that would lead a portion of the population to like him more, but all the other folks who are on the other side of the political spectrum would have an argument to dislike him. If that happened multiple times in other subjects, lots of people would have him at a lower level than he was before.

This is still a raw idea (extremely interesting though), I definitely need to put more thought into it.

Cool stuff in my week

Because I'm building Mind, I'm testing a lot of IOS apps to get inspiration. This week I tried:

  • Endel: cool animations and wonderful design, not a big fan of the product to be honest.
  • Vibes: nice little app to play with, has a dope soundtrack.

Played around with the first version of SpaceDrive. It's still a raw product, but has so much potential (would love to replace Finder at some point).

Also watched this little cool video and Casino (1995) by Scorsese.