November 25, 2023 3 min


This week is going to be my last week before graduation. I still have to take one exam and do a presentation, but college is now almost over. I think that this is the biggest change in my life since moving away from my parent's house back in 2021.

Feels weird, to be honest.

I’ve been trying to understand this weird feeling for the past couple of days, but I haven't succeeded at all. One hypothesis that I have is that, as I illustrated in Glasses, I’ve spent way too much time without changing my glasses or discovering new worlds in my life's videogame and this is causing this sensation. If this is the case, then I’m the one to blame for this weird (not in a positive sense) feeling. Maybe I’ve been in my comfort zone for a little too long.

I have the impression that the older you become, the less big changes happen, but I'm not sure if this happens in everybody’s life or if it’s happening with me just because I haven't created these changes.

Here’s another thing that I don't fully understand about life yet: am I supposed to be constantly changing environments and creating big changes for growth to occur (like I mentioned in Glasses) or is it okay to be a little slow sometimes? What’s the ideal path? Do I need to mix both, i.e. be slow in some areas and constantly pursue changes in others?

So many questions… I wonder when I’ll get to these answers.

Cool stuff I've come across

As always, read a great essay by Paul Graham about working hard. His take on why is so hard to measure how hard you’re working when explicit goals are not imposed is something I feel daily.

Found this cool tool for bookmark search and had a nice chat with the founder. Shoutout to Siddharth!

Read a wonderful essay by Dan Eden. This part stuck in my head:

The imperfections are a mark of our craft. We don’t have that on the web. There are no happy accidents. No overexposures. Mistakes are logged in version control, or comments, but quickly shooed away. We’re not brave enough. We strive too hard for perfection. Constraints encourage bravery and amplify value. Remain mindful of the decisions you make - and most importantly, the mistakes you make.